Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Its Classic Tyre Safety Season at Vintage Tyres!

We have launched a major campaign this spring in order to raise awareness of classic car tyre safety.
The issue was brought to a head when we analysed tyres recently replaced in our fitting bays and discovered that more than half the tyres removed were over 30 years old! Many also contained tubes of a similar age.
Following several reported incidents of fatalities related to the use of old tyres, the British Association of Rubber Manufacturers stated that “If a tyre is six years old and unused it should not be put into service; and in ideal conditions a tyre has a maximum lifespan of ten years.”
Old unused tyres can of course look like new - particularly if they are described as such; however the degrading process will continue unseen and once fitted the dynamic input often leads to sidewall cracking, delamination and ultimately catastrophic failure. Whilst a lot of the tyres in our survey appeared to be sound and some even had good tread depth, the performance of older tyres in terms of braking, grip and wet weather performance - or simply the ability to cope with the heat and stresses generated by running a tyre - is dangerously reduced.
As part of the campaign, we are carrying out free tyre inspections at our base in Beaulieu, open to any owners of classic vehicles. Our tyre experts will check the general tyre condition as well as the all important age of the tyre; and we will also be happy to fit and balance for free any tyres that need replacing.
For more information visit www.vintagetyres.com, email sales@vintagetyres.com or call Paul in our workshop on 01590 612261.
If you can’t get to Beaulieu for your free tyre inspection, we have also produced a leaflet covering classic tyre safety, which we will be happy to send you free of charge.