Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Ensign Tyres – Authentic Classic Motorcycle Tyres

From the beginning, the Ensign range of motorcycle tyres were conceived to offer authentic tread patterns, quality construction and cost effectiveness. Initially offering a range of beaded edge tyres for vintage and veteran bikes using the familiar two-stud pattern, we have since developed tyres for other areas of motorcycling.

Over the last couple of years we have overhauled the beaded edge tyres, improving the finish and up rating performance by increasing the ply content of the tyres. This makes them one of the best built beaded edge tyres on the market, and enables them to be fitted to light cars as well as motorcycles.

Realising the lack of quality classic trials tyres in several popular sizes, the Ensign Trials Universal came into being, and have been hugely popular. In fact, when Royal Enfield updated their popular Trials model with a new unit construction fuel-injected engine they selected Ensign 350-19 trials tyres as the original equipment fitment.

Two of these Trials bikes recently answered the call of duty, when they were enlisted by the Royal Air Force for emergency/escort/logistics duties at the Cosford Airshow, which attracts up to 50,000 visitors. Both machines were used for most of the day over rough ground in difficult conditions. "The RAF personnel were heaping praise on the machines all day, especially when the weather turned nasty in the afternoon and the vintage trials pattern Ensign tyres enabled them to get the large crowds away safely" reports Rob Jones, General Manager at Royal Enfield UK.

This year will see the arrival of the latest addition to the trials tyre range – the Ensign Trials Universal 400-19.

The need for a period style tread pattern for earlier bikes fitted with conventional wired-on tyres has been met with the new Ensign Universal. These offer a classic block pattern suitable for front or rear fitment, but are e-marked and speed tested to S, and enable classic motorcyclists to fit tyres which not only perform excellently, but now look the part as well. Originally available in 300S20 and 300S21, the range will shortly also include 325S19 and 350S19 tyres.

You can find more information on the whole range of Ensign motorcycle tyres here: Ensign Tyre Range

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